I share my own story of how I went from being a budding sportswriter to starting a blog about my student loans and becoming a personal finance freelance writer. My story shows students how important it is to quit doing something you don't enjoy, even when the people around you want you to keep doing it.

Zina was funny, pragmatic, and so knowledgeable about her subject. Our community talked about her message for days, and all of our students wanted follow-up resources to start learning to manage their own money. They were so much more engaged by Zina’s message than anyone expected. You won’t be disappointed!
— Rainey Ray Segars, Director of Alumnae St. Mary's Episcopal School

Student Loans

I educate students on how to manage their money, avoid loans and live debt-free. I'm passionate about teaching workshops on budgeting, how to save money and how other people can pay off their loans. I share my own story of paying off debt while inspiring others to do the same.

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Zina was a pleasure to work with both prior and during our conference. She was professional, organized and most importantly our attendees enjoyed her session!
— Amelia Weimer, Senior Manager of ScholarCon


I share my story of how a potential dream job slipped away and instead of defeat, I worked at creating my own opportunities. I talk about you don't have to wait for someone to give you a job.

Zina was fun, genuine, and had the whole crowd laughing and cheering through her talk. She is a talented speaker who quickly connected with the audience and left everyone inspired and wanting more.
— Eric Rosenberg, Ignite organizer

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